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Differential pressure transmitters from the PLX DPT 50 series are designed for building automation in the HVAC/R sector. The most cutting-edge transmitters available today measure static and differential pressure and have a single device with field-selectable units, range, and
output. multiple measurement units, jumper-controlled field selection, including: psi, inchWC, mmWC, mbar, kPa, and mbar. 8 measurement ranges that can be chosen in the field, either unidirectionally or bidirectionally (see
Model Summary).  Options for proportional output include voltage (0–10 V and 2–10 V). as well as current (4-20 mA). A reasonably priced differential pressure transmitter performance ratio for air cooling applications ventilation engineering. Excellently suited for the differential is the Polwax PLX DPT 50. pressure-based air filter, fan, and air
quality monitoring flow, for a comfortable environment and maximum energy effectiveness

  • Differential pressure measurement in the region of 100 Pa to 2
  • Available with and without display
  • Assurances of high accuracy, irrespective of temperature, and long-term stability
  • Universal Design

The universal design of the Polwax PLX DPT 50 provides the user complete flexibility to make adjustments on the job site. The field programmable range, mounting options (DIN Rail, wall mount, and duct mount), output options (mA or Volt), and engineering unit are all available to the user (W.C. or Pascals). Because of its adaptability, Polwax can be used by the contractor for all of their requirements