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A field-mountable paperless recorder is the PLX 1200 PM. The unit can be mounted on a wall, a pipe, or a panel
thanks to its distinctive enclosing design. Through a variety of display forms, such as charts, bar graphs, and digital
indicator displays, process data is made understandable to the local operator. Process data is also safely logged to
the removable memory card. Ethernet
Communications provide for easy remote process monitoring and access to logged data.

The configuration of the recorder and the integrity of the stored data are protected by a number of technical and
physical security measures included in the PLX 1200 PM. These features ensure that the PLX 1200 PM complies with the
requirements of 21 CFR Part 11.
• There is a door lock option. • When the recorder is locked, the configuration can be password-protected to prevent
unauthorised access to the SD card.
Up to 12 users may be configured, each with unique access levels and passwords.
• To adhere to regulatory body norms, a recorder’s internal security switch can be used to lock the configuration mode.
• All process data preserved to the SD card is always guaranteed to be secure. The switch can then be sealed to provide
tangible evidence of the recorder’s integrity.

  • Easy Operation
  • Touch Screen
  • LAN Network capability
  • 12 / 16 / 24/ 32/ 48 Channel
  • High speed Sampling
  • Easy to Use

Data communicated via Modbus can be trended on-screen and securely preserved on the PLX 1200 PM media card, making it ideal for receiving Realtime data values from a master controller.
A seamless connection between the PLX 1200 PM and the batch/process controller is made possible by the Modbus control

Communications over 10BaseT Ethernet can be provided using the PLX 1200 PM.
via an industry-standard RJ45 connection and utilizes
TCP/IP, FTP, and HTTP are protocols. Using standardized
protocols make it simple to connect to current PC networks.